Our Stories

Our paintings depict the Tjukurpa (Creation Time), a belief system encompassing country, culture, people, animals, plants, the seasons, weather, our way of life and understanding of the world and universe. The Tjukurpa is the reason for our existence and it is our lore.

We also paint historic and contemporary narratives about our life experiences. Palya!

We are sharing three important Tjukurpa stories from our ngura (country).

Kumpupirntily (Lake Disappointment), Wati Kutjara (Two Men) and Wati Ngintaka (Perentie Lizard Man)
The enduring strength of the Tjukurpa and the ancient beings’ actions that shaped the world are still palpable within the […]
Ili Tjukurpa (Wild Fig Dreaming)
Ili Tjukurpa (Wild Fig Dreaming) has been passed down in the Riley’s family for generations. Ili Tjukurpa  comes from  Alison’s […]
Kapi (Waterhole Story)
There are many types of waterholes that Anangu can use and they depend on their intimate knowledge of the environment […]
Minyma Kutjara (Two women)
In this painting the artist has depicted Minyma Kutjara (two women). This is the Creation Law Story of the two […]
Wati Ngintaka (Perentie Lizard Man) – Reggie Uluru
“This is a straight story, from the Tjukurpa (Creation Time), and nobody can change that story. This is about the Ngintaka.. […]
Puli Mankurpa (Three Rocks)
Nyangatja puli Ulurunya, nganampa ngura Tjukurpa pulka tjara. Kala painting tjuta palyalpai-amilapai Culture Centre-ngka, minga tjuta nganampa nguraku nintiringkula kulintjaku.’ […]
Irmangka Irmangka (Bush Medicine)
In this painting the artist, has depicted imagery of Irmangka Irmangka, a plant which has been used in traditional medicine in Anangu culture […]
Nyanu Watson- Tjulpu (Birds)
Nyanu Watson loves to paint Tjulpu (birds). Nyanu depicts birds found in the Pipalyatjara and Kalka area and important to […]
Pantu (Salt Lakes)
      Here, the artist paints about pantu, or salt lakes, referring specifically to those found near Atila (Mount Connor) and Curtain Springs. It […]
My Story, Mala People
“Before, when we had Anangu Tours, I was walking with everyone, talking and telling the Mala Story. We would go […]
Broken Law (Malya Teamay’s Story)
“This is my father’s story, ‘Broken law’, Malya Teamay’s. He got it from his brother, who has passed away now. […]
Tali (Sand Dune)
The painting you have searched is depicting tali (sand dunes); the fluid lines tell the story of the land. Tjanpi (spinifex) […]
Kuniya & Liru (Woma Python Woman & Poisonous Snake Man)
‘Minyma Kuniya munu Wati Lirunnga paluru pula pikaringu. Nyangatja Tjukurpa Ulurula ngaranyi.‘ ‘Python Woman and Deadly Snake Man fought a battle. […]
Kungarangkalpa (Seven Sisters)
The Seven Sisters or Kungkarangkalpa Creation story is of great significance to the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people. The Sisters travelled […]