Our Culture

We refer to ourselves as Aṉangu (people) and we are the traditional owners of Uluru Kata Tjuta. Our culture is alive  and powerful.

Tjukurpa is the foundation of Anangu life and society. Tjukurpa refers to the ‘creation period’ where our ancestors created the world and established the laws for our people. Tjukurpa is our way of seeing and understanding the  world – past, present and future. Tjukurpa connects us to Country and to each other. We pass on our Tjukurpa through storytelling and inma (ceremonial song and dance) to the next generations.

We draw our stories in the sand, carve traditional designs into objects such as shields, and make ceremonial body  paint from ochres, charcoal and ash. These days, we also use contemporary materials such as acrylic paint and  canvas to document and share our stories. Our art is keeping our culture strong.

Rolly and Alwyn performing Kuniya Inma at NAIDOC Week 2016 from Walkatjara Art on Vimeo.

Minyma (women) performing traditional inma (ceremonial dance). Photo: Kelly Butler © Walkatjara Art Uluru

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