Cultural Protocols

Knowing some simple do’s and don’ts will help you connect with Aangu in a really good way and give you a richer experience during your visit to the Walkatjara Art Uluru and the Cultural Centre.

Please ask our friendly staff if you have any questions.

Some Do’s & Don’ts

  • Say hi in our language ‘Palya!’
  • Too much eye contact is considered rude in our culture. If people are looking away from you, please do not be offended, it is our way of being respectful.
  • Be interested in our culture. There is a lot to see in the Cultural Centre.  Check out the exhibitions as they will teach you a lot about our way of life and the importance of Uluru and Kata Tjuta to our people.
  • We speak many different languages, English is often our last. Some of us are a bit shy and sometimes we are a bit tired. Asking lots of questions is considered rude in our culture. We learn with our eyes and our ears, more than our mouths!
  • Aangu are governed by strict cultural protocols. Like in your own culture, there may be some aspects of our culture and Tjukurpa (Creation Time) that cannot be shared. We are happy to share what we can, but if we don’t give more information it may be because we would be breaking our cultural law.
  • Please do not take our photo. It makes us feel uncomfortable. Saying no in our culture is also considered rude, so asking for a photo of us puts us in an uncomfortable position.
  • Our sales staff are there to assist you. Aangu want you to support our art enterprise as it helps our community and people greatly.
  • Most of all have a wonderful time, this is a very special place and we are happy to share it with you. Palya!