Kungarangkalpa (Seven Sisters)


The Seven Sisters or Kungkarangkalpa Creation story is of great significance to the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people.

The Sisters travelled long ago through the artist’s traditional country in South Australia’s North West as well as the south west corner of the Northern Territory. Chasing after them was Wati Niru, a trickster man who wanted to court one of them.

Using all kinds of trickery he relentlessly pursued them, but they always managed to keep one step ahead through the skill of the eldest. The Sisters finally escaped together to a far away place, safe from Wati Niru’s clutches. To this day the seven stars of the Sisters can be seen in the night sky as the Pleiades constellation. They are followed by the bright star of Wati Nyiru known as Orion.

Within the traditions of Tjukurpa or Creation Law are the codes of life-survival skills. There is Kungkarangkalpa Inma or ceremony to teach and celebrate. Through this people learn how to fit into the environment and social systems.

Anangu feel strongly about continuing to teach and learn Tjukurpa. Their art is important and vital work. It sustains them economically, physically and culturally, keeping stories and traditions alive.

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