My Story, Mala People

“Before, when we had Anangu Tours, I was walking with everyone, talking and telling the Mala Story. We would go on long walks and I would tell them about the Mala People.

Then I had a stroke. I was thinking really hard in hospital that I might paint again and tell my story.

Before, long ago, people were growing up, hearing the stories then teaching the young kids about Mala tjukurpa. Now only some people know this story. I learned it from the old people and I walked a long way with them, learning it.

Now I can’t walk properly, but I still know about it. It’s all in my head. This story is about the old times and new ones.

You can see I’ve painted bush tomatoes, the women collecting it and giving it to the kids, then dancing inma (ceremony). If you have jinna (feet) to walk, you can go to the Mala walk and learn this story. See the grinding stones in the family cave for grinding bush tomatoes. See the Mala People green trees there. They’re special ones.

When I got my stroke, I was remembering all this.” – Christine Brumby, July 2021

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