Pantu (Salt Lakes)




Here, the artist paints about pantu, or salt lakes, referring specifically to those found near Atila (Mount Connor) and Curtain Springs. It is a significant site that forms part of the Seven Sisters songline. The Sisters journeyed here from the APY lands, away from Wati Nyiru, who was pursuing the sisters with obsessive dedication.

The Seven Sisters Creation Story is of great significance to the Pitjantjatjara and Yankunytjatjara people. The sisters travelled a long time ago through the artist’s traditional country in South Australia’s North West and the south west corner of the Northern Territory.

Within the traditions of Tjukurpa or Creation Law are coded life survival skills. There is inma or ceremony for the Kungkarangkalpa in order to teach and celebrate; for people to learn where they fit within both the environment and social systems.

Anangu feel strongly about continuing to teach and learn Tjukurpa and their art is important and vital work. It sustains them economically, physically and culturally. It keeps the stories and traditions alive.

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