24-502 Parakeelya (Purple Desert Flower)

Robyn Maloney Nambijimpa

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About the Artwork

The purple hues and flowers in this paintings depict the Parakeelya (Purple Desert Flower). 

"Bush Flower, Wild Flower, special flower, you have to wait for the rain."

The Parakeelya (Broad Leaf) – Calandrinia balonensis (Family; Portulacaceae) is a fleshy desert plant that occurs naturally in Outback Central Australia in areas where you can find Spinifex and red sand. 

The leaves hold a lot of moisture and can be eaten raw. The whole plant including the roots can be eaten and is usually steamed. Anangu valued this vegetable and baked / steamed it in hot earth and ashes at the edge of a camp fire. 

Anangu feel strongly about continuing to teach and learn traditional ways and their art is important and vital work. It sustains them economically, physically and culturally. It keeps the stories and traditions alive.

Walkatjara Art is the Aboriginal owned and governed art centre belonging to Mutitjulu community, located in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta national Park, NT.