Tracey Bennett

About Tracey Bennett

Tracey Bennett’s life journey has taken her from Alice Springs to Docker River and back, with a significant period attending Yurara College in Alice Springs. It was during her upbringing that she began to cultivate her artistic talents. Her mother, Lindy Lou Bennett, is a renowned artist, and Tracey learned the art of painting by observing her. In her early years, she would attempt to replicate her mother’s paintings before finding her unique style.

Tracey’s artistic focus revolves around painting two distinct themes: the “Minyma Kutjara” (two women) story and “Tjitjigartingka” (kids story). These subjects serve as inspiration for her creative expression, and she likely infuses her own interpretation and style into these themes.

Currently, Tracey resides in the Mutitjulu Community but regularly makes the journey to Walkatajara to engage in her painting. Her artistry, nurtured by her mother’s talent and her own passion, is a vital part of her identity and her connection to her cultural heritage.

Artworks by this artist