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About Priscilla Herbert

“Malpa” is the first word you’ll hear from Priscilla’s mouth. She is always greeting guest to the land with the phrase, welcoming friends from all over the world. “Malpa” is friend in Pitjantjatjara , she loves to share law and culture with her friends.

Priscilla has been painting at Walkatjara Art since she was 6 years old, participating in school holidays activities to now being a regular artist. She is well known for painting the Kungkarangkalpa (Seven Sisters night constellation , creating a starring night sky canvas with different sizes of dots.

Priscilla is involved heavily within the community, a perfect bridge between white fella and black fella. Sharing her insights into community live to make a different everywhere she goes.

My dad been bring me from Ladjumanu country, to Areyonga. We lived there, and after that we came here to Mutitjulu, to stay with my Grandmother and Mum, cousins, sisters, brothers – we grew up here at Mutitjulu. I was here for the Uluru Handback in 1985, I was maybe 5 or 6.. My cousin sister, Wilma Dixon, we grew up together and went to school at Yulara. Now I live in Giles Creek, Alice Springs.

My dad’s brother, my uncle, he was a really good artist. He been show my father how to paint canvas, and my father and mum taught me. I like doing my canvas, sometimes I do it at Nyirripi Community, sometimes I do it here at Walkatjara Art. I usually paint the Seven Sisters, sometimes I paint Puli Mankurpa (three rocks).. Palya.”

Priscilla Herbert 2021

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