Nyanu Watson

About Nyanu Watson

Born at a rockhole at Mt. Aloysius, close to the tri-state border, Nyanu Watson spent her early years growing up in Pukatja (Ernabella), and witnessed the changes brought about by the missionaries. During the Homelands movement, when Anangu (People in Pitjantjatjara) began to return to their country, Nyanu moved back to Kalka. She then became a prominent member of Kalka Community where she lived with her family and painted with Ninuku Arts. Since 2018, Nyanu has resided at Mutitjulu Aged Care and now paints with Walkatjara Art.

“Nyanu is an established exhibiting artist, known for her unusual depictions of various animals found in the surrounding district where she lives. She uses a combination of brushwork and dotting to create the highly-stylised and unqiue creatures that she had became known for. Some of her favourites include the Ngintaka: Lizard, Anumara: Caterpillar, and Kakalyalya: Cockatoo.” Ninuku Arts

Nyanu often paints Tjulpu (birds); she has mentioned that when she paints two together, they are husband and wife: love birds.

Artworks by this artist