Lance Peck

About Lance Peck

Lance Peck, born in 1975 in Carnarvon, Western Australia, is a talented Western Desert artist renowned for his exceptional attention to detail in depicting his ancestral lands. His artistic prowess lies in his mastery of dot work, creating intricate and finely crafted pieces.

Lance’s artistic focus revolves around the region made famous by the book ‘Last of the Nomads,’ which tells the story of the grandparent’s family as the last family to transition from a traditional nomadic life.

Growing up in Manyjilyjarra country, located 1,500 kilometres north of Perth, Lance experienced a unique upbringing. As a young boy, he resided on sheep and cattle stations where his mother worked as domestic staff. Lance attended school in Coolgardie, Western Australia, before embarking on a diverse career path. He worked as a stock hand, tracker, and later ventured into the mining industry in Wiluna, Western Australia.

Lance’s artistic journey began at Tjungu Palya in the Western Desert, specifically in the Nyapari Community within the APY Lands. It was there that he received his formal training in painting. Since then, he has collaborated with several art centres across the Western Desert, including Irrunytju Arts in Wingellina. Additionally, Lance has served as an arts worker with Papulankutja Artists, further enriching his artistic perspective.

His artwork stands out for its intricate and sophisticated doting technique, characterized by crystalline patterned areas. These patterns symbolically evoke the landscapes and ancestral Tjukurpa (Dreaming) that hold profound significance to Lance’s heritage. His narratives often revolve around the Kata Kata Rockhole, Wati Kutjara Tjukurpa (two snake man Dreaming), Kunarka waterhole (Lake Maitland), and Tjitji Wati Kutjara Tjukurpa (ancestral creation story), inviting viewers to connect with the profound cultural and spiritual essence of his artwork.

Lance now paints with his partner Julie Woods at Walkatjara Arts, both living in Mutitjulu with their children.