Juliette Morris

About Juliette Morris

“I was born in Alice Springs hospital. That was the 1st January 1981. All my life I’ve grown up Yuendumu, but my artwork is about my grandfather’s Country (mum’s Country as well) which is Mount Theo Outstation.

I’d heard lots of stories about Uluru, about how when they [the older generation] left the stations, many people from different places came to the rock and gathered. So many stories. When I was there I got a big shock when I learnt and got to see it myself. Now even more different cultures and people from different lands gather around this rock to see it.

I am a hard worker with my painting. Through painting you can help learn everything about what’s around in Australia, and I teach my family through my painting to pass the knowledge down. I come to Mutitjulu to visit my family, and that’s when I paint with Walkatjara Art. When I’m in town I like to see the surroundings, a different country and the knowledge around Uluru.” (Juliette Morris, 2021)

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