Joyce Tjalyiri

About Joyce Tjalyiri

Joyce Tjalyiri was born in Areyonga, her mother’s homeland.

When she was a young girl she moved to Papunya, a small community known for its strong production of iconic Central Desert Art. It was here she witnessed the production of art and the benefits of art centres in community.

Joyce moved to Mutitjulu community in 1985 during the historic hand-back of Uluru. Initially involved in performing ‘inma’ (ceremony) and creating community strength through song and dance, she then became involved with Walkatjara Arts alongside other founding artists.

Joyce is a talented glassmaker and also enjoys painting ceramics. She paints her mother’s tjukurpa, Minyma Kutjara (Two Women), a secret womens tale connected to the rock and surrounding landscape.

Artworks by this artist