Helen Carroll

About Helen Carroll

Helen Carroll is a talented young artist associated with Walkatjara Gallery. She has a strong connection to her indigenous roots, having been born in the Mutitjulu Community and growing up in Ernabella. Her educational journey began in Ernabella, attending primary school there before moving to Adelaide. In Adelaide, she continued her education at Wiltja and Avenue High School.

Remarkably, Helen’s artistic talents emerged at a very young age, as she was self-taught and began painting Mynma (women) Tjukurpa paintings at just 12 years old. This demonstrates her innate artistic abilities and passion for her cultural heritage.

Despite her move to Adelaide for schooling, Helen still maintains a close connection to her family and her homeland. She regularly visits her mother, Rhoda Carroll, who is also an artist associated with Walkatjara Gallery. This family connection highlights the importance of art and culture in their lives, passed down through generations.

When Helen visits Walkatjara Gallery, she finds deep inspiration in painting the Seven Sisters. This subject matter carries immense significance for her, likely reflecting cultural stories and beliefs that have been passed down within her family and community. The Seven Sisters may hold a special place in her heart due to the rich cultural and spiritual meaning it carries in Indigenous Australian lore.

Helen’s journey as a self-taught artist and her commitment to preserving and sharing her cultural heritage through her art is a testament to her talent and dedication. Her work at Walkatjara Gallery not only showcases her skills but also serves as a representation of the cultural richness and diversity of Indigenous Australian art.

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