Daisy Walkabout

About Daisy Walkabout

“Ngayulu iritinguru nyinangi Docker River la mununa nyakupai ngurpangku punu palyanyangka Anangu tjuta. Mununa Ulurulakutu pitjangu nyinantjaku kana kulinu, Uwq, tjinguru ngayulu nintiringkuku pun uku mununa arkara palyanu ngurpangku, walatjununa nulla nulla palyara. Munna ngintaka lulunmypa Liru, mingkiri palyanu mununa kulinu ‘ Hey Ngayulku nintiringu wanyukana palyalku painting asrkara’ munu ngayulu palyanu painting wirunyas, fauna survey mingkiri tjina ngayulu pa;lyalpai paintingka. Ngayulku tjina mun ranger tjina tjungu palyanu. Mununa titutjarara palyalpai Tjukatjapinya, Lirunga wintalykanya, ngauku mamaku ngura palyalpai. Uwankara Tjukurpa pulka mulapa tjara.”

“A long time ago I was living in Docker River and before I ever tried it myself I would see people making wood carvings. Then I came to live at Uluru and I thought perhaps I could learn to carve myself so I tried it out and made some small clubs. Then I made some small perentie lizards, deadly snakes and marsupial mice and thought, hey I can do this, maybe I’ll try painting as well so I did and was pleased with the results. I made some paintings about the Fauna survey showing my tracks together with those of the white rangers. The other themes I always paint are Tjukatjapi (women’s sacred site at Uluru), Deadly Snake and Mulga Seed. All of these have really important Law and Culture associated with them.”

Daisy Walkabout worked in Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park as a senior traditional ranger for many years. She has also worked with the Mutitjulu Health Council and the Board of Mutitjulu Aboriginal Corporation.

Daisy lives in Mutitjulu and paints at Walkatjara gallery. Her good-natured humour, strength and support are enlivening to both young and old painters alike.

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