Beryl De Rose

About Beryl De Rose

“My grandmother on my mother’s side told me the story about the Seven Sisters. I’m telling my grandmother’s story about the Seven Sisters on my canvas; it comes from near Docker River. My father’s side got Emu Tjukurpa. I sometimes paint that as well as Minyma Kutjara Tjukurpa (Two Women Story). That’s also from Docker River.”

Beryl De Rose is a talented Mutitjulu based artist and has painted with Walkatjara Art for many years depicting local Tjukurpa stories through her intricate artwork. Her precise dot work and colour palette is inspired by the Central Australian landscape and over the years she has developed a highly sought after style.

Beryl has been exhibiting since 2009, and in 2017 was commissioned for the Uluru, Tili Tjuta, Field of Lights Project. She has participated in Desert Mob at the Araluen Art Centre for 3 consecutive years (2017 – 2019). In 2018 her work was exhibited at Artsite Sydney for the group show Kunturu Kulini (Heart Listening), communicating messages from the Uluru Statement.