Amelia Riley

About Amelia Riley

Amelia’s artistic journey is deeply rooted in her family’s legacy and the cultural heritage of her great great grandfather’s homeland in South Australia. Her grandmother’s role as a founding member of Tjala Arts (formerly Minymaku Arts) demonstrates the importance of art and cultural expression within her family. Growing up with a mother like Alison Munti Riley, a successful artist herself, Amelia had the privilege of learning from a skilled and experienced mentor.

Amelia’s focus on painting Ili Tjukurpa (Wild Fig Dreaming) highlights the significance of this particular Tjukurpa within her family’s tradition. This dreaming has been passed down through generations, connecting her to her ancestral roots and the stories that have shaped her identity. By painting Ili Tjukurpa, Amelia not only continues the artistic legacy of her family but also preserves and shares the cultural narratives and teachings associated with this dreaming.

Her collaboration with her mother, Alison Munti Riley, at Walkatjara further strengthens their artistic bond and ensures that the artistic knowledge and skills are being passed down within the family. This intergenerational exchange of artistic and cultural wisdom contributes to the continuity of their heritage and enables them to share their unique perspective and stories with the world.

Amelia’s dedication to painting Ili Tjukurpa is a testament to her commitment to preserving her family’s traditions and contributing to the ongoing vibrancy of indigenous art and culture in the Mutitjulu community and beyond.

Artworks by this artist