Alison Munti Riley

About Alison Munti Riley

Alison grew up at Pukatja (Ernabella) where she went to school before she moved to Amata with her family around 1990. Alison trained as a teacher but says, “[her] arm kept reaching for the paint brush”, so became a full time artist instead.

Alison primarily paints the journeys of women crossing her homeland, mapping the features of the land and sacred sites from a topographic point of view. The stories she paints are Seven Sisters Dreaming, Kungka Kutjara (Two Women), Hilly Country, and the Mamu (Devil) story. Alison loves to sit and tell jokes and talk about stories, old and new, and her skill for story telling is evident in her paintings.

Alison won the People’s Choice Award in the 28th Telstra Aboriginal And Torres Strait Islander Art Award for her Seven Sisters painting.

Artworks by this artist