Maku (Witchetty Grubs)

Rita Merentju

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43 x 32 cm

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About the Artwork

‘Nganana minyma tjutangku pukularipai, putingka makuku tjawanyangka, tjitji tjuta nyakula ngalkura nintiringkuntjaku, ngula tjana kutjupa kutjupa

waltjangku wirura palyara nyinantjaku.

‘We women love to dig for Witchetty grubs out in the bush so our children can watch us, eat their fill and learn the things they need to look after themselves well.’

Maku are most often found in the roots of the Acacia kempeana, commonly known as Witchetty bush. Once dug up the roots are broken open with the sharpened end of the digging stick (or in modern times a crowbar), the hollowed root section discarded and the grub eaten raw or roasted lightly on the hot ashes of the fire.

Anangu follow the traditions of their Tjukurpa or Creation Law within which are coded life survival skills. There is inma or ceremony f or maku in order to teach and celebrate; for people to learn where they fit within both the environment and social systems.

Walkatjara Art is the Aboriginal owned and governed art centre belonging to Mutitjulu community, located in the Uluru-Kata Tjuta national Park, NT.