Animals and animal tracks (Jinna)- Rita Okai

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198 x 198cm

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About the Artwork

This is about Anangu (people) history, jinna, tracks. Anangu jinna (footprints) have marked the earth for thousands of years long before piranpa (whitefella) came. Piranpa jinna came into Australia after all these years later. You can see Anangu and animal jinna in this painting.


Kuniya (snake) makes this big, long track when they travel on the sand. Ngintaka (Perentie Lizard) makes this track, (point to track showing only feet) when they run. When they walk it shows two feet and a tall/ belly mark. Tinka (Sand Goanna) makes marks like this when they run, their mark changes. Nigari (Thorny Devil Lizard) is here, it walks stony with their tracks it makes. Little Malu (Kangaroo) is there with the baby in the tjuni (pouch), those are its tracks. The orange colour represents the tali (sand dunes). Kipara (bush turkey) too is there, with its tracks. Ngura Tjuta (rockholes), where animals go drinking kapi (water).