Rose Nuggett

About Rose Nuggett

Rose Nuggett was born in Areyonga in 1966, with her family. Rose has spent the majority of her life moving between Areyonga and Mutitjulu visiting family and looking after them.

Her late sister taught her how to paint in Areyonga at their community art space, and she says she used to paint silks using the batik method. She paints bush tucker foods and kapi tjukula (water soakages). Rose feels reminded of her culture and her family when she paints these things and the special time with her sister.

Rose particularly likes to paint this karu (creek), using the round shape of the concentric circles that are traditionally used to represent waterholes. “Old people used to drink from this kapi tjukula (rock hole), a karu (creek). But it’s dry now, everywhere, finished.” Rose says she paints “kata ugnu”, from her head, her memory.

Rose makes a living from her paint sales and spends her time visiting family in the bush and making art at community art spaces like Walkatjara Art.

Artworks by this artist